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05 October 2022

Winter warmers with Olivia’s Kitchen: our favourite hot food catering options

Summer is quickly becoming a distant memory. There’s a chill in the air and a different quality to the sunlight outside, as many leaves on the trees begin to show early signs of turning. So, what about some first-class hot food catering to keep you and your guests warm as the days grow cooler? 

That’s right. Here at Olivia’s Kitchen, we’re looking ahead to the autumn and winter months and getting excited to serve up some delicious winter warmers for you all. Yum. So, what can we do for you on these colder, darker days? 

Hot food menus at Olivia’s Kitchen 

They say food is the way to the heart, right? Well, that’s most certainly the case when you’re looking to feed a troupe of hungry mouths on a bitterly cold day in the North East of England. 

Luckily, here at Olivia’s Kitchen, we pride ourselves on our terrific corporate catering options, and are delighted to service your networking event, conference or meeting with our delicious fare. 

Our sumptuous Hot Food menu has a dazzling variety of options, with vegetarians, vegans and carnivores alike all amply catered for. These delicious dishes are guaranteed to wow your guests and leave a lasting impression that will have their mouths watering at the mere thought of your catering long after the event is over. From fresh ingredients to professional presentation, we’ve got all bases covered. 

Hot foot catering dishes at a corporate event.

Starting from a mere £12.95 (excl vat) per person (with a minimum order for 10 people), our Hot Food options are sure to delight. So, what kind of dishes can you choose from? 

For the carnivorous among your crew, we have the following: 

  • Mouthwatering meatball and mozzarella pasta bake served with fresh garlic bread and salad
  • Tender, slow-cooked beef madras served with fluffy rice and sumptuous naan bread
  • Everyone’s favourite chicken tikka masala served with first-rate rice and fresh naan bread
  • Melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked Spanish spicy chicken served with garlic roast potatoes
  • Comforting, homely mince and leek dumplings served with seasonal vegetables and crisp roast potatoes
  • Delicious sticky BBQ chicken served with expertly cooked rice

For the plant-based folk you may be hosting, we can provide: 

  • Fresh and hearty vegetable balti served with rice and buttery naan bread
  • Decadent and delicious Mediterranean vegetable lasagne served with fresh garlic bread and crisp salad
  • Perfectly spiced five bean chilli served with delicious potato wedges. This one’s vegan friendly!
  • Mediterranean vegetable, tomato and mascarpone pasta bake served with mouthwatering garlic bread and fresh salad
  • Delicately spiced sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry served with fluffy rice and naan bread. Another vegan treat!
olivia's kitchen van delivering hot food catering options


Reliable hot food catering served up in style 

Not only is our Hot Food fare here at Olivia’s Kitchen truly first-rate, but we offer an incredibly reliable and comprehensive service, too. Choose Olivia’s Kitchen to cater your autumn or winter event, and we promise you’ll never look back.

From simple online ordering to reliable delivery in our branded, refrigerated vans, it’s smooth sailing all the way. Simply place your order online, and we’ll have your winter warmers with you pronto, beautifully presented and ready to go! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can even discuss a bespoke Hot Food menu, to your liking. 

For first-class hot food catering in the North East, look no further than Olivia’s Kitchen. Got a question or query? Get in touch today. 

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