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07 December 2022

We can provide alcohol at your North East event!

Alcohol at event, pouring champagne

Let’s face it, here in the UK we really do love a tipple. That’s why any quality North East event catering company ought to be able to provide alcohol at your event!

When you’re putting on a do, you can be sure that your attendees will be all the more pleased when they arrive and see what you’ll be serving up alcoholic drinks. That’s just the honest truth! Luckily, as North East event catering aficionados, Olivia’s Kitchen is fully licensed to supply and serve alcohol and can provide whatever booze you prefer. Intrigued? Read on to find out more about this aspect of our quality catering services.

The perfect accompaniment

Here at Olivia’s Kitchen, we have a range of lovingly prepared and incredibly delicious fare for you to choose from. The quality of our food, along with our streamlined and incredibly comprehensive service, makes us a prime choice for event catering in the North East of England.

However, it’s not just about the food at the end of the day, is it?

If you’re going all out for your event – whether it’s an office party, a corporate do or a family gathering – you want to make sure you’re covering all bases. Often, a key component of a successful event is, in all honesty, a drink!

When you’re putting on a first-rate shindig, the icing on the cake is ultimately a delicious beverage to go alongside the fabulous fare you’re serving. A glass of, say, quality wine or bubbly is truly the perfect accompaniment to a sophisticated, professional spread!

party goers holding drinks "cheers"

Serving up your favourites

So, we’ve established that a little bit of alcohol goes a long way towards enhancing an event. Now that’s settled, what will you choose to serve?

Here at Olivia’s Kitchen, you’ll be pleased to know that we can supply whatever alcohol you like. Whether that’s wine, prosecco, champagne, mulled wine or spirits, we can provide whatever may take your fancy. Just let us know in advance.

Looking to serve alcohol at your next event? We can help. Simply get in touch today.

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