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12 January 2023

The benefits of fresh food in the office

office breakfast with fresh healthy food

Returning back to work in the New Year can be a little bit of a shock to the system after all those days spent curled up on the sofa over the festive season.

The Christmas period is usually a time of overindulgence for the majority of us. As such, many of us roll into the New Year feeling a little sluggish and slow, and more than just a handful of us are likely to be suffering from a touch of the good old January blues. Here at Olivia’s Kitchen, we believe that a well-stocked office kitchen full of delicious, fresh food can certainly go a short way towards helping to cure low moods and feelings of lethargy. So, what exactly are the benefits of fresh food in the office?

fresh leafy salad

Improve energy levels naturally

Many of us are forever trying to juggle a busy schedule and an oftentimes demanding work week.

In the midst of all of these responsibilities and attention-demanding tasks, it can be incredibly hard to maintain prime energy levels. If you’re noticing a sharp decrease in your energy and your ability to apply yourself to your daily tasks – or perhaps you are noticing this in your employees – you may be suffering from a lack of nutrients in your body.

So, when the grind starts to feel a little too draining, nurturing ourselves with high-quality, fresh food will certainly help to inject a little life back into things. Without healthful foods, most of us suffer from a decrease in productivity and even low mood, but with healthy snacks on hand for any mid-morning or mid-afternoon crashes, you can balance out your blood sugar and avoid any crashes in your energy levels.

Boost office morale

Not only can healthy, fresh food in the office kitchen help to ward off any detrimental hunger pangs, but it can also boost morale.

We all know how validating and encouraging it feels to be valued and well taken care of in the workplace. Of course, providing fresh food for your employees and keeping the kitchen well-stocked is a very visible, immediate way of showing your workers that you care about their wellbeing. This, in turn, is sure to boost office morale and help to make work just that little bit more enjoyable for everyone.

Fresh food, vegan wraps

Create a social environment

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to break the ice is, well, to break bread!

Yup, sharing food has, for all of human history, been a key way to connect and communicate, and rituals around eating have long been associated with the cultivation of lasting bonds and cultural connections. As such, it’s certainly a great way to get the social juices flowing in the workplace.

In the office environment, an inviting kitchen full of delicious, fresh food is a fantastic way to organically bring workers together to converse, catch up and collaborate in a relaxed environment, well away from their work desks. Additionally, an enticing kitchen also provides a great chance for workers from different departments of the office – who may not otherwise cross paths very often – to interact and get to know one another through the shared experience of a healthful breakfast spread or a bounty of afternoon snacks.

If you’re an employer looking to boost social connections in your work amongst employees, perhaps you could consider putting on a weekly team breakfast or lunch buffet, in order to help bring people together. Here at Olivia’s Kitchen, we’re well-versed in providing delicious spreads of high-quality, impeccably fresh food to offices across the North East.Fresh breakfast spread including fruit platter and pastries

Encourage healthy habits

There are a wealth of benefits to supplying fresh food in your office, and the added health advantages certainly cannot be overlooked.

Giving employees the ability to easily make healthy choices and strengthening their chances of getting their 5-a-day can help to foster positive relationships around food, whilst boosting overall health and immunity.

Several sources evidence the ways in which a balanced diet full of plenty of fresh whole foods can not only improve physical wellness but also help with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. So, it would seem that providing tasty, fresh food in the office will not only improve the physical well-being of your workers but also provide a boost to their mental health, too.

Looking to provide quality, fresh food for your employees in the workplace? We can certainly help. Check out our carefully curated menus here.

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