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26 April 2023

5 reasons to use Olivia’s Kitchen for your networking event

catering service platters on a table.

With summer around the corner, the North East business sector is heating up and networking events up and down the country are bringing together the most innovative industry specialists, knowledgeable key speakers, and business brand reps alike to begin collaborations and offer solutions to their clients. 

Our kitchen team is ready for the rise of these network events and offers a sophisticated solution for a weary afternoon crowd – a delicious catering selection at convenient prices that work for you.

Today, we are taking a look at 5 reasons why you should consider catering for your networking event and how Olivia’s Kitchen is the Gateshead-based team you need to provide the right food to fend off the post-lunch brain slump.

Simplify your event planning process

Planning a large-scale (or even a small-scale) event can be a difficult and costly task. Ensuring that the right speakers are in place and that the event is marketed to the right sorts of clients can make keeping track of everything else a little less manageable.

When you delegate the means of providing lunch to an expert team of caterers, you remove the issue of preparing a meal for your congregation, the issue of people at the event having to find or bring food for themselves, and save time that would be needed to find local restaurants that could deliver at such a scale – I count that as three birds with one stone.

Networking and socialising

When the more rigid talks and planned events are done or the designated break begins, guests are often searching for more than just time for food for thought. The lunchtime window is the perfect opportunity for networking and productive conversation to expand as these food and drink breaks can boost morale and keep engagement high during the remainder of the event. 

Food and drink breaks allow people to spark conversations outside of a formal setting and bring different perspectives on specific topics, and our canapes and tapas selection is perfect for these fast-flowing conversations as they are a perfectly sized mouthful in between thoughts.

Tapas buffet

Improves the efficiency of event


Efficiency is everything when it comes to business, so why wouldn’t you extend the same mindset to your business event? When you hire a catering team, they’ll be able to help you streamline the process of getting food to your event. A well-coordinated catering company can prevent any problems from popping up and troubleshoot if they do.

You will not have to worry about food temperatures when serving a variety of dishes, dietary requirements, or stress about it arriving at the right time – since our team always delivers!

All the dishes ordered with us are delivered in custom cool bags by our professional driving team to make sure your order reaches you on time. Once the event is complete, place the crockery back into the bags for us to collect. Yes, it is really that simple. 

Hunger can impact decision-making

A study at the University of Dundee found that hunger can ‘alter people’s decision-making, making them impatient and more likely to settle for a small reward that arrives sooner than a larger one promised at a later date’. We can all agree that this is not the best mindset to be in when important business decisions are on the line.

Therefore, providing catering options in between talks and sessions is scientifically proven to increase value awareness and cognitive thinking abilities.

Guarantee that everyone eats well

If you’re worried about guests having a fulfilling amount of food at your event, hiring a caterer can solve the quantity conundrum easily. With experience working for numerous events, catering teams have the inside know-how to ensure that everyone will be satisfied with the selection without limiting the quality and without leaving guests feeling hungry. 

With specific numbers in mind, our team can cater for specificity with our Individual Lunches option or our more varied Lunch Menu to make sure you pay the right amount for your event by the number of guests – rather than the amount of food.

How Olivia’s Kitchen can help

With over 10 years of experience serving the North East, we are your complete food catering solution. No matter how big or small your occasion is, Olivia’s Kitchen can craft the perfect network event and have your new business collaborations booming.

If you’re searching for a catering team that is tailored to your needs, then look no further! Contact us today.

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