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13 October 2023

Olivia’s Kitchen announces new client: Life Science Centre

Outside of Life Science Centre in Newcastle

North-East based corporate caterer Olivia’s Kitchen is thrilled to announce its latest client – a unique visitor attraction in the heart of Newcastle, Life Science Centre.

Olivia’s Kitchen supplies pre-packaged sandwiches, wraps, salads and children’s meal boxes to the cafe, making nutritious and delicious food options readily available and accessible to both visitors of the science centre and those working in the surrounding areas.

Times Square Café, part of the science centre but open to non-visitors too, serves as a convenient pit-stop for individuals employed in the vicinity, providing them with a tasty and health-conscious lunch option to enjoy in the spacious cafe.

Nicola Burrow, Business Development Manager at Olivia’s Kitchen, said, “We are delighted to be working with Life and bringing good food to visitors of their cafe. We’re excited to extend our offering to a broader audience and making it easier for people to enjoy our freshly prepared, high-quality meals by offering this fresh, nutritious addition to the cafe’s menu”.

Olivia’s Kitchen is renowned for its commitment to using premium, locally sourced ingredients and its dedication to creating diverse menus that cater for various dietary preferences, all of which are clearly identified and labelled.

This latest collaboration marks a significant step forward in Olivia’s Kitchens expansion strategy as they continue to bring their exceptional catering services to new markets whilst upholding their reputation for excellence and commitment to quality.

Niamh Dale, Head of Operations and Trading at Life said, “We were looking for a local caterer who reflects our commitment to sustainability and top-quality food. With the expertise of Olivia’s Kitchen and their locally sourced ingredients, we’re serving up nutritious options that everyone can enjoy.”

Get in touch for more information on how Olivia’s Kitchen can support the cafe in your facility.

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