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28 March 2023

How to canapé – a guide to small and simple eating


They say the best things in life come in small packages – the same can certainly be said when it comes to food! Today, we are taking a little look at canapés and how these moreish mouthfuls can pack a punch and have your guests salivating before, during, or after the event.

Originating in France in the 1800s, some might consider these just a fluffy filler before the feast begins. They might think of devilled eggs at their grandparents’ house or the finger food that keeps them waiting.

Our team at Olivia’s Kitchen, believe that these delightful hors d’oeuvres may have left a bad taste in some mouths, so we want to take a look at our Tapas & Canapés offering today, to showcase how these samplers can bring something spectacular to your event or occasion.

Canapés must be…

Decidedly delicious

Your clients may be saving up their appetite for the main event, even our nibble-centric catering service leaves little room both in imagination and in stomachs. However, we know that the first thing delivered to your clients must be scrumptious, no matter the size and will set the standards for the rest of the event.

Olivia’s Kitchen firmly believes in quality over quantity, so quality must be key when serving small quantities of food. The mouth can easily detect flavours, even at microscopic levels, and, as such, we strive to use the very best ingredients to enhance the flavours of our canapė offering so that every event begins with a pop.

Beautiful to look at

Before consuming with the mouth, we consume with the eye. Not only should canapés taste delicious, but they should also look the part. For an event, they will be the centrepiece for guests arriving so should have chins wagging and eyes alight with interest as soon as they come through the door.

Our tapas and canapés raise the bar and set the standards for the rest of the occasion and give the attendees the opportunity to have a fully immersive food experience.

Easy to eat

The time between clients talking and collecting their food could be quieter than a host would like. Canapés offer the opportunity for networking or socialising. Since they are small they can be taken in between conversations or between glasses of your favourite bubbly (remember, we can provide both food and alcohol at your event).

Whatever the occasion, starting first with a shared canapé experience is a brilliant way to bring associates and acquaintances even closer.

Effortless – for guests at least!

When you order from us, you’re leaving behind the pre-event preparation stress.

Say goodbye to the pain of stuffing cheese into micro-sized vegetables or skewering fiddly ingredients onto sticks – you can leave that to us, the canapés champions!

Let Olivia’s Kitchen put the de-stress into dessert – we offer both sweet and savoury canapė options. We can take care of everything for your event. From canapés to hot foods, no bite is too big (or small) for our team.

If you’d like to find out more about Olivia’s Kitchen catering your event, get in touch today!

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