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01 July 2022

Corporate Catering North East: The Benefits of Using Olivia’s Kitchen

Here at Olivia’s Kitchen, we specialise in corporate catering services for businesses and events across the North East of England. We believe that our catering services are second to none, and offer a whole host of benefits to our clients. 

Corporate events pose an excellent opportunity to network, build connections and promote your services to others. It’s essential that food isn’t merely an afterthought in order to make sure your guests have a great time. 

Opt for a professional catering service, and you’re onto a winner.

Thai buffet

Ditch the hassle of DIY

When planning a corporate event, regardless of scale, it often feels as though there is a seemingly endless list of factors to consider. By outsourcing your catering, however, you get to cross one very major concern off your checklist: the food. 

Placing the responsibility for food preparation, transport, serving and clean-up in the hands of a trusted catering company will free up your time to focus on those aspects of your event that you cannot outsource and that require your dedicated time and attention. 

Choose Olivia’s Kitchen, and you can leave all and any concerns when it comes to catering to us. Not only can we offer excellently delectable food, we can also provide waiting staff and servers and take care of the post-event damage control (AKA the clean-up), too. 

Catering can be budget-friendly

It may come as somewhat of a surprise, but hiring a caterer for your next event can actually save you a lot of money. 

It’s more than likely that yourself and your team don’t possess the knowledge or experience to perfectly execute catering for a potentially large number of guests, and that’s okay! However, it would be wild to go and employ a permanent staff to take care of your ad-hoc catering needs, right? Putting together a skilled and trained in-house team just to cover your corporate events would be laborious, costly and ultimately, not necessary.

By working with a catering company, however, we can help you to streamline your catering budget and estimate just how much food you will require in order to ensure that your guests leave satisfied and that you don’t have a surplus of (costly) leftovers to account for.

Olivia's Kitchen vans

Leave a lasting impression

When you’re hosting a corporate event, every element of the get-together reflects on your business and leaves a lasting impression with those who attend. 

By outsourcing to a high quality caterer, you can be confident that the food your guests enjoy will really pack a punch and tantalise the taste buds, making your event a truly memorable one. After all, a professionally prepared and excellently executed spread says a great deal about your company and its professionalism and capability.

From tapas to authentic Indian curries and traditional Italian dishes, we can put together a bespoke menu that is guaranteed to get your guests talking.

Whether you are looking for hot food or party platters, we will deliver your culinary delights in our temperature controlled vehicles to ensure optimal freshness. 

Accommodate different tastes and dietary requirements

Without professional caterers, you may not have the means or resources to provide a spread or a meal that accommodates for a wide variety of palettes and dietary requirements, too. 

As a professional catering company with a vast amount of experience, we’re well versed in putting together colourful and varied culinary experiences that take into account the wide variety of special dietary needs your guests may have. Whether it is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan, we can create a menu for your corporate event that will ensure that your guests can eat with confidence. 

We also cater for guests with food allergies, which we clearly label on each of our buffets and party platters. If you have a query or concern about catering for guests with allergies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Choose Olivia’s Kitchen, and we will offer you peace of mind that your catering will be perfectly streamlined and accommodate everyone in attendance. 

Executive menu buffet

Benefit from white label catering

Many businesses out there are often keen to be discreet about the fact that they are outsourcing to a professional catering company. 

If you’re looking to maintain a cohesive image for your business and want to create the impression that you have your own in-house catering team, we can absolutely accommodate that! 

Here at Olivia’s Kitchen, we’re happy to remove all of our branding and ensure that our serving staff are in plain uniform for your event. 

Looking to bring the wow-factor to your next corporate event? We can help you and your business leave a lasting impression. Simply get in touch today to find out how we can help when it comes to North East corporate catering.

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