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12 April 2023

5 reasons to call in the caterers

Olivia's Kitchen caterers

When attending a large corporate event and stomachs start growling, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind – have they ordered food in or am I going to have to find a meal deal at the shop next door?

Olivia’s Kitchen makes that decision clear as we offer a wide range of fresh and flavoursome food options with our exceptional catering team, guaranteed to have everyone happy they left the sandwiches at home!

Today, we are taking a look at 5 reasons why you should call in the caterers for your next function and how Olivia’s Kitchen is the team you need to make your next business lunch a booming success.

1. Helps You Save Money

At first glance, catering services may seem like an expensive commodity. However, when you consider the gains that can be made from using this service, the price tag will quickly become a distant memory. We also offer bespoke menus that can keep costs down while also keeping quality and variety high.

Ordering delivery from restaurants or going to the shops yourself may seem the most straightforward answer and could cut down costs, but then reality may start to settle in. When will the items arrive? Do we have enough for everyone? Are everyone’s preferences catered for? How are we going to keep everything warm until lunch begins? So many questions that can cause a headache!

Caterers have all the answers…

We can provide direct delivery at no extra charge so lunch begins at the perfect time and with the quantity that is tailored for your event – so you are only billed for how much you order!

Our high-quality delivery bags and professional drivers ensure our latest hot food items remain at a consistent temperature and are always served at the best quality.

2. Quality Is Higher Than Other Services

Nothing is worse than a miserable midday meal – we want bruised fruit at the bottom of bags and squashed sandwiches to become a thing of the past!

With a catering service, the standards are constantly high to provide the freshest and most flavoursome products available. When using our service, you can guarantee that the quality will withstand any delay on the day – especially with our stylish and stress-free cool bags.

High-quality food will impress your clients. Olivia’s is dedicated to making each event they serve a success, with food that will be talked about well after the day is done.

3. Tighter Control On Dietary Needs

Dietary restrictions and hygiene requirements are crucial to ensuring the safety of every guest. Whether the food is prepared on or off-site, professional catering companies do not cut corners when it comes to maintaining food standards.

This is another facet of the high quality of our products. By using only the freshest of fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish, we limit any contamination issue that may arise in restaurants that have their produce on sight longer than catering services do.

Allergies and food restrictions can also be handled a lot easier with a catering service as we focus on individualised events – our food is 100% specific to your company and clients. If you’re planning an event and need dietary-restricted options, check out our menu here.

4. Better For You, Better For The Planet

With food waste and single-use plastics constantly being debated in the news, it may be time to reconsider over-ordering from restaurants or purchasing meal deals with plastic-rich packaging.

As previously stated, catering services tend to purchase food products with specific events and fulfilment in mind, ensuring that food waste is as limited as possible. When our food reaches your event, it will be specifically made for the quantities of people that have been discussed, once again limiting waste after the event as well as keeping as much food as we can out of landfills.

5. A Wider Variety Of Food For Everyone

Variety is the spice of life, and if you want to heat up your corporate function, our catering service can provide a wide range of, and tailor-made menus to suit your clients or colleagues. When ordering from restaurants, you can find yourself stuck with the same products that have been on the menu for far too long. Our catering menu is constantly evolving with the seasonality and popularity of produce.

Course types and combinations can be altered to suit the style of your event. Olivia’s Kitchen offers a variety here as well with options such as:

You can work directly with caterers to create a menu that suits you.

If you’re looking for caterers to work for your next corporate event, Olivia’s Kitchen is the company for you. Get in touch today.

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